Saturday, November 13, 2010

Old Thumper ESB

Good, very good. This is one of those beers that you smell and you can pick out all of the aromas. Bread, malty, yeasty, bread. SO much so that I had D smell it because it was so strong and so different. I've smelled bread before obviously but not like this.

The body on this was thick, low carbonation, and chock full of flavor. ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter and it strikes a perfect balance between sweet and pucker. There was definitely some grain lurking in their but it wasn't grainy, which to me is unrefined. Check out the lacing on that glass.

Sorry about the picture it was dark, we were in San Diego, staying at a Spanish named hotel, in Little Italy, at a British pub, some of us were drinking Irish beer(Guinness), and we were listening to the Beatles(British) sung by Americans(Glee Cast).

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