Monday, May 10, 2010

Lagunitas Censored AKA The Kronik

Ok so I don't have a picture that I took of this one because I had it at The Haven with my best friend from up NorCal way.

He's a K-9 cop in every sense of the word. Think cop, no I mean like RoboCop, only with a dog and no armor. Devoted to the job, loves the job, not sure what he would do without the job. The other thing he is devoted to is Red Ale. I introduced it to him way back when and he is nothing if not boringly set in his ways and I say this with a LOT of love because I would take a bullet for him(somewhere non-vital of course)

He likes slightly sweet, malty, NON bitter beers which is exactly what "Censored" is. Is it a problem if a cop is drinking something AKA"The Kronik." Maybe his superiors should know about this.

I think the only thing this beer has in common with weed though is it's addictive quality. This beer was GOOD.

It had a slightly bitter aftertaste on a very creamy malty sweet front end. The aroma wasn't much to speak of but I've never bought a beer to sit around and smell all night.

I've been really impressed with the Lagunitas beers I've had of late and I've been waiting to try "The Hairy Eyeball" that's been sitting in my fridge.

Update: Picked up a 6 of this at our beer/wine/food tasting at Wholefoods on Saturday night. Pictures will be up for that one soon. Just me, D, and Soydog. Mmmm.... Wholefood sandwiches, pretzel bread, mmmmmm...

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