Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shipyard XXXX IPA (Pugsley's Signature Series)

Once again, Girl formerly known as The Jew came through with an IPA, this time a DIPA at 9.25% ABV.

Though it's becoming a compulsion for her to bring an IPA it's hard to complain, but they do have a name for this type of thing, I think Freud might call it an oral fixation. ;) I think her goal for next time is to bring the craziest weirdest beer she can find.

That being said, the bottle she brought is absolutely beautiful. I don't know what it is about it but I really like it. Classy, sophisticated, almost like a good bottle of Scotch. You can't tell from the crappy Iphone pic but the gold lettering was all foiled.

This one poured a very hazy creamy looking copper orange color with a decent amount of head that stuck around for a LONG time.

It smelled of banana, and nuts, grapefruit and pine.

I loved the body on this one. It looked creamy pouring and it tasted creamy too. This was a Double IPA in alcohol only as the hops were not over the top at all. Quite refreshing actually but aside from the banana breadiness of this one it was not anything earth shattering. Good, but not a buy again.

Thanks GFKATJ(Girl Formerly Known As The Jew) for the beer and the always great company.

Line of the night?

"If the animal was treated with respect in life and death I would have no problem eating it." 

"So if the pig died of happiness you would eat it"? What if it loved it's owners SOO much that it layed down it's life for them? Would that be an acceptable death?"

I think I am going to kill a pig with kindness and serve it to GFKATJ on a platter with an apple in it's mouth.

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  1. GFKATJ Here! I accept you challenge Foodmemted and will try in earnest to find the, and I quote "craziest, weirdest" Beer I can find. Be afraid. Be very afraid.