Monday, March 29, 2010

Sam Adams Coastal Wheat

This was the SECOND beer I poured D on our weekly chili and rice Monday a week or two ago. Strike 2! I was trying to find D a beer to have and I wasn't worried about pairing. She is very particular about the beer she likes, not bitter, not dark(usually), and not heavy.

She's really good about trying anything I put in front of her. Sometimes her face tells me what she thinks long before she can get a word out, at which point I attempt to get an "I'm sorry" out before she can get a "That's gross!" out.

See the idea is to introduce her slowly to different beers, kind of like seafood. I've gotten her hooked on halibut and some other more meaty fish. I've pretty much given up on fruit though. Wine yes, whole fruit? Pretty much no.

Anyway, I wasn't impressed with this wheat beer either. It was a bit anemic and didn't have that semi creamy mouthfeel of a hefeweizen. It was a bit cloudy but it tasted like a big box lager. Cloudy Wizz Water. Not worth it. Sam, buddy, step up your game! So far your scotch ale is the only one worth drinking from the Brewer's Pack I bought.

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