Monday, March 15, 2010

Segura Viudas Aria Brut Cava

We picked this up the night of what I am going to call, "The Great Douche Baggery." Now that the whole thing is official, I mean, I've been "de-friended" on Facebook! When did that word become a verb? I mean I can understand "Google" being a verb but "de-friended"? That word is about as lame as the person doing the de-friending, well almost as lame anyway. It's pretty hard to be more lame than "The Great Douche Bag."

And if you are wondering, no, The Great Douche Bag is not at all like "The Great Pumpkin" in Charlie Brown who passes out toys to all the good little girls and boys that believe in him. Although, in a way, I guess he could be. The Great Pumpkin never shows up, disappoints those that believe in him, and is a fictional character existing in this case, purely in his own mind. Hmmm, philosophical and deep, I think it's time to stop this rant.

Cava is a sparkling wine from Spain that is made in the traditional bottle fermented method of Champagne. It is much cheaper than "real" Champagne but still can have all the biscuity, yeasty, bready, nuances that Champagne has since it's secondary fermentation is done in the bottle. Cava is spanish for cave and most of these wines are traditionally stored in caves in riddling racks. Lovingly turned by the riddler, (who does not dress in spandex with question marks on them) these wines are definitely budget friendly and satisfying.

D and I have a favorite from Fresh and Easy Market that is 5$ and I like their Rose as well that is 6$. If I remember right this one was 9$ from BevMo and it was decent. Fresh and Easy's is more drinkable as it is a bit more fruit forward. This one was VERY dry on the finish, which made it more of a sipper than a celebrate The Great Douchebaggery sparkler. All in all good, but I would try something else at that price point next time.

Oh and stay tuned for the first ever cross country tweeted beer tasting at Foodmented! I'm very excited! What can I say I am a HUGE nerd.

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