Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Back and I'm Married!

I haven't been logging any new posts lately because I have been in Maui getting married! D's parents live there and we had our ceremony in the most beautiful place in upcountry. Haiku, Maui is the perfect blend of Maui. Coastal mist, ocean views, and a Northern California vibe it is definitely a hippy town and D and I feel really at home there. We are not beach people so being as far away from the water was ideal.

The wedding was beautiful as I new it would be since D worked so hard on every detail. I tried my best to help in any way I could. I don't think I could be called an absentee groom! The food was SOOOO good and of course the wine and beer were as well. True to form that was the most important thing to both of us. We planned our photos so they were done as soon as possible so we could have fun, talk story with our family, and of course, EAT AND DRINK!. Here's a few pics from the ceremony.


  1. Nice spot to get married! Cheers and aloha from Haiku Maui.

  2. you guys both look great, congrats!