Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Belgium 1554

I'm not sure what makes this beer "enlightened" as New Belgium calls this Black Ale they could have called it morally deficient or even soulless and I wouldn't care because it is so good.

There is a lot of nostalgia associated with this one because the German and I used to drink this on our man nights before he went from being All-American to transplant German, Married, and Super Dad-Like.

D and I cannot wait for them to get back for so many reasons. Weekly food, beer, wine, TV, zone out sessions. Trips to the swapmeet for sausages on Saturdays. Auntie D and Uncle T "trainer baby" nights. We can practice on little H and then give her back at the end of the night. Hey, we're on a six year plan and nobody operates a rental baby service that I know of. I think that's called slavery or something.

ANYway. The beer. Right. Good.

Appearance: Really dark, opaque(can't see through it). Slight red highlights along the rim. Offwhite head

Aroma: Roasted, Biscuity, Chocolate, a little bit of spice, earthy. Is "good" on the aroma wheel?

Taste: The toasted malt comes through along with a hint of coffee and chocolate. A little bit of the bread from the belgian yeast as well. The body is a little thin for the taste but I think that is because there is quite a bit of carbonation which makes it crisp. I think it's more of the perception that since this beer is so dark it's going to be heavier than it is. It's actually a really refreshing, slightly dry brew. At 5.5% ABV this is 6-pack quaffable
though I'd punish myself in the gym the next day.

Overall: 4 out of 5 it needed a little less carbonation and a little more body. Still my favorite New Belgium Brew by far


  1. Is it weird that I miss american beers in Germany?

  2. Funny thing...I've seen your foodmented postings on Facebook and thought you were playing one of those Mafia Wars type games until your mom asked me if I'd read them and said you actually post the pictures yourself! What, not Farmville or Mafia Wars or give someone a beer instead of a heart? hahahaha
    Linda D.