Monday, April 26, 2010

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

 It's always nice to be able to geek out with someone who appreciates beer. I mean, don't get me wrong I have friends who "appreciate" beer, but Miller, Coors, Bud, Wizzwater leave a little to be desired in the appearance, aroma, taste, finish, and composition categories. They score a big zero for me. So when JD from Lost in the Beer Aisle and I were able to hook up for another transcontinental beer brainstorm I was excited. This time we reviewed Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Which, as you will read, was a little deceptive in its packaging. What follows is the transcript from our discussion as well as a repost of Lost's blog.

Tonight I had a beer brainstorm scheduled with Tyler from Foodmented. When he logged on to start the brainstorm, I was smack-dab in the middle of watching the Bruins game. In sudden-death overtime no less! I was a trooper and multitasked. The Bruins ended up winning in a second overtime in dramatic fashion. It was one of those "jumping up and down in your livingroom while your wife looks at you like you're raving mad" kinda moments. I just had to tell that story before getting on with the brainstorm of Young's Double Chocolate Stout. :)

Lost_in_Beer: I've had my bottle out for 25 minutes
Lost_in_Beer: Figured it would be better warmer
BreworFerment: mine came out about 7 minutes ago
BreworFerment: usually but I do like to have sort of a gradient of temperatures
Lost_in_Beer: I'm cracking the bottle
BreworFerment: Watch the head I poured already. It falls like guiness from a nitro bottle or at least mine did
Lost_in_Beer: Big fluffy head?
BreworFerment: not really big and fluffy no lacing and it didn't really stick around much but it had that nice looking cascade did yours?
Lost_in_Beer:'s like two different beers :)
BreworFerment: well you did have yours out for a LOT longer then mine before you poured
BreworFerment: Mine doesn't have a whole lot of aroma, a little bit of roast with a HINT of chocolate on the back end
Lost_in_Beer: I'm getting chocolate overload on the nose
Lost_in_Beer: Let us drink
Lost_in_Beer: Surprising body on it
BreworFerment: coffee, roast, and chocolate on the back
Lost_in_Beer: Not as thick as I expected
BreworFerment: yeah not as thick but it has a lot of carbonation for a stout
BreworFerment: at least the ones I have been drinking of late
Lost_in_Beer: About the coffee...kinda odd eh? I expected a chocolate explosion and nothing else
BreworFerment: that will tone down the body quite a bit
BreworFerment: Yeah I'm wondering if they actually used any chocolate in the brewing
Lost_in_Beer: "chocolate malt and real dark chocolate are combined..." From the label
BreworFerment: Im not getting a whole lot of that chocolate but the bitterness of the dark choclate sure sticks around. loooooong finish
BreworFerment: It's sweet on the front end and then finishes real bitter
BreworFerment: I'm wishing it wasn't as carbonated
Lost_in_Beer: I think the carb gives it something special
Lost_in_Beer: This stuff goes down fast
Lost_in_Beer: I'm guessing it's pretty light on the ABV. Maybe 6%?
BreworFerment: yeah its only 5. something I think
Lost_in_Beer: 5.2 I guess
Lost_in_Beer: There is such an insane difference in beers sometimes. You can have a crazy thick, high ABV stout and then you can have something like this
BreworFerment: yeah I was reading about the beers they actually drink in Belgium and most of them are in the 4 maybe high 5 range and every bit as much flavor
Lost_in_Beer: I could probably drink a few of these if I was chilling at the bar.
BreworFerment: definitely a great Saturday afternoon hanging out at the bar watching a game beer. I can picture myself relaxing to this one with friends. A nice sipper
Lost_in_Beer: I will say that there's a little false advertising going on here
Lost_in_Beer: When I see "Double Chocolate" I want chocolate
Lost_in_Beer: Not coffee with some chocolate tones
BreworFerment: It should have been double espresso
BreworFerment: it tastes like a chocolate covered coffee bean that only has half of the bean covered
Lost_in_Beer: good analogy!
BreworFerment: I think I like it but it bugs with the label....It's kind of like when you think you know whats in a glass and you drink it and for a second it sort of tastes like that but then you realize it's something else and you are disappointed
Lost_in_Beer: I'm guessing that there isn't coffee in the brew. It's prolly just really dark roasted malt with the dark chocolate combining to make the flavor
BreworFerment: yeah its chocolate malt, crystal malt, English hops, and dark chocolate
Lost_in_Beer: Well I kicked my 12oz bottle
Lost_in_Beer: My summary thoughts....
Lost_in_Beer: Minus the false advertising, it's a surprisingly drinkable. Not as sweet as I had envisioned...actually quite balanced. A solid A- or B+ kinda brew.
BreworFerment: Mine:
BreworFerment: If I let the label go I think it's really good
BreworFerment: I'm relabeling it, " Young's Half Covered Espresso Bean Stout" though
Lost_in_Beer: nice
Lost_in_Beer: :)
Lost_in_Beer: You should call or write them
BreworFerment: I just might
BreworFerment: Ok well I'm being yelled at for food!
BreworFerment: Good luck on the game and thanks for the tasting let's do one of your sweet beers some time
Lost_in_Beer: thanks man!
Lost_in_Beer: Hope something good is on tap for dinner!
BreworFerment: beef stroganoff!
BreworFerment: Think it might actually go well with this
BreworFerment: Keep in touch
Lost_in_Beer: will do
Lost_in_Beer: I still owe you a guest review!
Lost_in_Beer: I will get to it soon.
BreworFerment: me too!
BreworFerment: ditto
BreworFerment: good night
Lost_in_Beer: aight bud
Lost_in_Beer: later

Just like last time I had a blast being a nerd drinking beer and talking to my virtual tasting buddy. I also got a pleasant surprise when I was done. Not only had my beautiful and wonderful fiance cooked up a fabulous meal of beef stroganoff, The Jew had brought over a 22 of Victory's Wild Devil IPA. This one is the same formulation as their Hop Devil I reviewed recently except it is totally fermented with Brettanomyces, or, "Brett." This gives it a very interesting sour taste and aroma that she will be guest reviewing for me soon. Till then, Cheers!

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