Friday, January 15, 2010

My Wickedly Sharp Japanese Babies

Have you ever tried to cut through concrete with a plastic spork? I'm not even talking one of those newfangled titanium ones you can get at REI for ultralight camping.
I'm talking cheap, elementary school grade plastic Vs. concrete.
Than why in the heck would you choose to dice an onion or slice a carrot with anything less than a sharp knife?

I've never owned a good set of knives until the ones that I got most recently. Which ones did I choose to shell out my hard earned cash on? The title should have given it away but I bought a Shun Classic knife block set

They are incredibly sharp, light, and beautiful. Yes, my knives are beautiful. People who know me know I love my knives... a lot. I baby them like, well, a baby. A wickedly sharp, deadly, japanese baby, that comes with a lifetime warranty and free sharpening.