Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saison Dupont Belgian Bottle Conditioned Ale

Saison Dupont was named Best Beer in the World in 2005 by Men's Journal but its beginnings were much more humble. "Farmhouse Ale" is printed on the label and that is literally what this beer is. A belgian beer, saison, means season, was traditionally brewed for the summer to refresh workers at local farms. Since each individual farmer brewed his own batch this meant that the yeast that was used was specific to that specific farm locale. Saison Dupont uses a secondary fermentation in the bottle and has a champagne style cork that is not only fun to open but serves a purpose since there is a LOT of carbonation in the bottle. The beer pours a cloudy yellow due to the leftover yeast that add a bit of creamy mouthfeel and has a citrusy lemon taste to it that is very refreshing. Lightly hopped it has a nice balance with just a tinge of bitterness. One wiff of this beer and you can know it uses a wild strain of yeast as it has a slightly funky, horse blanket smell to it. This is definitely a nice beer to pair with spicy foods as the acidity is quite high. D and I shared one with our corn beef hash and horseradish cream sauce. D loves this beer and it definitely is a session option as it is only 6.5% ABV. An easy drinker into the night.

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