Friday, January 8, 2010

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, the Worst Cooking Show...Ever

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills is one of the worst if not THE worst new reality show I have seen in a long time. Not only is the show AWFUL but the chefs and the company that they work for are completely unprofessional and lack basic skills even D and I have.

 The company that is featured on the show is called Big City Chefs and it is based out of San Francisco apparently. I don't know who runs the company but if there is one thing that seems to unite all chefs across the board it's the possession of an HUGE EGO! Why then, knowing this, would you ever ever ever send more than one chef to cater a function? HUGE EGO + HUGE EGO = HUGE DISASTER! Makes for drama on the television but it is PAINFUL to watch because the chefs are HORRIBLE actors.

I have an idea, send one chef and some sous chefs. Brilliant! Better yet, send one 12 year old capable of using a microwave, one 16 year old because he can drive, give them a credit card so that the 16 year old can take the 12 year old to the supermarket to buy some high quality TV dinners. Then have a highschool senior in an honors english class change the name of the boxed dinners to something more fancy sounding.
                                 For Example:
        Kid Cuisine Snowman shaped Mac and Cheese

Honors Englishified: Whimsical 3 Cheese Pasta
                               Sweet Baby Corn Maque Choux
                   Duo of Holiday White Chocolate Truffles

One example of a pair of chef's lack of all things chefworthy is a failed chocolate mousse turning into a search of the client's entire kitchen for anything that they can serve as a dessert. This search ends with the discovery of a boxed brownie mix.  The two chefs somehow butcher a BOXED mix onto the plate and make it look like, for lack of a better word, doodoo. This picture, believe it or not looks better than their product.

One of the chefs on the first episode is Brian from Top Chef Season 1.

He got kicked off for cooking mushy carrots to little kids. It doesn't look like he has learned anything from this as he insists on serving a salad of mixed greens, grapes, and who knows what else in a martini glass to a roomful of teenagers on their way to homecoming. It comes then as no surprise that the prissy princess of Beverly Hills that is host to the party remarks. "It was so gross, I threw up a little bit in my mouth."

He did however redeem himself by making "special" tortilla chips that the kids were raving about. He calls them "crack chips" on the show, appropriate for teenagers and so VERY special. Ingredients? Kosher salt, quartered tortillas and canola oil. I think that is called, Tostitos where I'm from.

 I know for a fact that D and I could plan and prepare a better menu then every one of the dinners that was shown on the first episode. One word, pathetic

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