Friday, June 4, 2010

Nectar Ales Red Nectar

"Red Nectar" from Nectar Ales was not at all what I expected. I bought this beer originally with D as a beer she and I could share. She doesn't like bitter,hoppy beers. Nor does she like dark beers. Her favorite beer of all time is Saison Dupont(reviewed), go figure, since that beer can be fairly spicy and hop forward.

Red Nectar pours a bit hazy brownish red color with little to no head that doesn't stick around long.

The aroma definitely lies about this beer to some extent. The nose reveals red fruit, strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. Malty with a little bit of hops spice in the background. It was pretty pleasant with that fruity sweetness.

The taste however was MUCH more hops forward bitterness with a bit of sweetness, strawberries I think on the back end. I was SURE that she wasn't going to like it but she did. Unless she was just humoring me which is possible.

I really enjoyed this one and could see myself knocking back a couple out of a sixpack since it clocks in around 5.6ABV.

Red Nectar Ales has quite a few offerings and I'm planning on picking up the ones I can find.

All in all a good beer made even better by the fact that D liked it and it was outside of her usual comfort zone.


  1. I wasn't humoring you, I really thought it was good. It wasn't a Saison Dupont but I liked the fruity sweetness! I didn't really think it was too hoppy

  2. Sounds pretty fruity. I'm interested in the strawberry though. Innnnnterrresting.