Thursday, February 25, 2010

2$ wine NOT from a guy named Chuck

You know your company has made it when it becomes a verb like "Google." When it defines a taste like "Coke." When anything that attaches with a hook and eye system is "Velcro." Any clear plastic tape we call "Scotch." What then do we call cheap wine? That's right, the ubiquitous, "2-Buck Chuck."

I know, we've all heard the famed story of how Charles Shaw's Chardonnay slayed the mighty dragons of Napa at the Orange County Fair in a blind taste test, and I will be the first to admit that it's pretty good(when it doesn't give me a headache after). However, D and I have been drinking a "different" 2-Buck Chuck for the last year and a half. Ladies and Gentlemen  we give you, 2007 Vista Point Chardonnay from Fresh and Easy!

The first thing you should know about this wine is that it is actually CHEAPER than 2-Buck Chuck if you buy 6. 1.97$ The second thing you should note is that yes it still tastes like 1.97$ wine. There is no possible way that a wine can show off the terroir(where it was grown) when it is sourced from throughout ALL of California. There aren't really any distinct flavors it's a bit muddled, but not in a bad way. The finish is over about as fast as you swallow. This wine doesn't linger allowing you to savor it. You just have to keep drinking. Which could be a good or bad thing depending on what your goal for the night is. Drunken debauchery? This wine has got you covered. The other great thing about this wine, and D will probably disagree with me is that I can drink an open bottle out of the refrigerator 3 days later without a problem. A "good" bottle of wine? 1 day max. I'm not sure if I want to know WHY I can drink it so many days later,(Can anyone say preservatives?) but that 1.97$ can really be stretched out.

This wine can go with just about any kind of food you would pair a white wine with though for the simple reason that it IS so nondescript. There's not much if any acid, it's white so no tannins, and there isn't any off aromas, or distinguishable cahracteristics that lend it to one cuisine over another. The perfect middle of the week wine for whatever dish you have planned. Pick some up!

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