Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Night Cap...Affligem Blond

Well, the Germans have left the country again. We saw them for the last time on Sunday when we splurged and ate lunch at The Counter down in Irvine. Build your own burger what could be better than that? My order? Beef. Thought about the turkey but D convinced me. How did I order it? Like this,
Me: How rare can I order it?
Waitress: As rare as you want it.
Me: I'll take it like that

Sadly though they are back to that cold cold land so close to Belgium. Ahhhh Belgium. Land of such great beers. Like Affligem Blond. Blond is the most common of Affligem's offerings. Though not a Trappist beer it is brewed in a monastery. Those Belgians, always brewing in God's house. Why can't Americans brew in God's house? I'm sure God wouldn't mind a good IPA every once in a while. Think about it. Sacramental wine or sacramental beer? What if you are like D and don't like grapes? Isn't this the land of choice? I know I know, this is all probably blasphemy and I am a heathen but really, think about it. We might get some more people attending church if we had a choice.

Back to what I was supposed to be talking about. I poured this one over at the Lawyer's house on Sunday for a nightcap with D along with some good old Wild Turkey Honey on the side. Have you ever had Wild Turkey Honey Bourbon? You haven't? Stop what you are doing right now and go down to your local CVS and pick up a bottle. It's cheap and it is sooo smooth. As smooth as this Affligem. This poured a pale  hazy golden straw color with a large head that I had to wait for eons to pour the rest of the bottle into. I definitely found out that this got better the closer to room temperature it got. First sip? Nothing spectacular. Warm it up a little though and it blossomed into a much more refined layered flavor profile. A little hoppy, this beer is pretty dry. I can definitely see this as a front porch heat wave sipper. Satisfying a thirst quenching. Cheap as well as the Belgians go. I'm a fan and at 7% ABV I can down a couple and feel OK about myself.

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